Outsource your rubber compounding requirements to the experts for quality and consistency.

With over 100 years’ collective experience in the local rubber industry and across Africa, NRM is your specialist provider of customised rubber compound. We deliver an accurate, consistent, quality compound to the market quickly at competitive prices – batch after batch.

Why Outsource?

Many rubber companies mix their own compounds, but subcontracting to NRM makes sound business sense:

  • Reduce your stock holding of raw material and order only the exact quantity of rubber compound you need directly from us.
  • Eliminate the need for upfront capital outlay for equipment and raw material
  • Guarantee you work only with consistent quality rubber compound every time
  • Access to on-going research and development

We back our extensive custom compounding service with modern and calibrated equipment. With a boister production volume capability of up to 2800 tons per month, NRM has more multiplied buying power in terms of raw materials, bringing you economies of scale for a competitive advantage against imports, you will be able to produce a superior quality product at a lower price.

We guarantee our batch quality by way of Rheometer, hardness and specific gravity testing for every batch. In addition, we perform tensile testing on every 1 in 10, or 1 in 20 batches, and all our products are manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 certification.


Research and Development

NRM places a high premium on research and development in order to achieve a specific formulation and stay at the forefront of the rubber industry. Our facilities include a hi-tech laboratory that provides full technical support. Customers have access to the dedicated services of our three in-house polymer chemists, who are fully skilled in the reaction of each ingredient.

With our advanced research and development capabilities we can remove harmful chemicals and nitrosamines. Furthermore, our capabilities allows us to mix a compound based on a customer’s specifications, or work out a solution for the compound from a finished rubber sample. We continually perform research and development on new products in the market aimed at uncovering new uses for them.

Facilities and Production

Constantly elevating our facilities to feature state-of-the-art equipment and following a major capital upgrade, our current production capability is 1400 tons of two-stage or 2800 tons of master batch per month.

NRM places a major focus on automation to eliminate the risk of human error as far as possible. We feature fully automated weighing, mixing and cooling processes, and a semi-automated packaging process. Our unique stripping machine prepares material suitable for the injection moulding processes and extrusion, and our industry-leading press shop, which features presses ranging from 750 to 2000 ton capacity, is suitable for large moulding applications.

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The process steps we utilise to create our rubber compounds are:

Raw Material






Our 3 polymer chemists are fully skilled in the reaction of each ingredient

Our Expert team is waiting to assist you with a custom solution for your rubber compounding requirements.

NRM hold exporters’ and importers’ permits.

Our speed-to-marker allows us to rapidly deliver compound to your door following receipt of an order. For speedy delivery on the reef we employ our own fleet, and contract to a freight management company to handle our exports.


We’re here to help you

We are looking forward to providing you with a very professional service. For any further information or queries please feel free to contact us.

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